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Control your online security.

With Your Private Key, you are a part of the encryption equation.

Your files are always protected. Only people you authorise can access your files.



The right balance of security & productivity.

Easily manage and access your files anywhere.
Keep your files encrypted when sharing.
Sign documents with a sign click or tap.


Track & have control over your files.

Your Digital File helps protect you from identity theft and fraud.



Data Legacy for peace of mind

Automatically give your loved ones the files they need, if something happens to you.

Your Digital File cannot view your files.


For Business

Streamline contracts, close deals, be efficient & in control.

  • Legally sign documents with one click
  • Easily manage privacy & permissions for all users
  • Files are backed up and new versions are automatically created
  • Global compliance and confidentiality
  • Plans suitable for all business needs

Your Digital File for Business

Supporting Students to Drive Their Future

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“We recently bought a house and exchanged our contracts with Your Digital File. Since Your Digital File requires proof of identity before sharing or signing documents, we digitally signed our new home contract with the current owner even though he was in Hong Kong at the time!”

Mark P